Wheel of Consent Workshops


Wheel of Consent Workshop

Austin, Texas


Learn the basics of the Wheel of Consent as developed by Dr. Betty Martin

For Individuals & Couples

Get help with sexuality, touch and intimacy. Find the ease, confidence and sensuality that is your birthright. Learn to apply the Wheel of Consent in relating.

For Professionals

Sharpen your professional skills around consent, boundaries and facilitation. Learn to embody the Wheel of Consent and apply it in your sessions and workshops.

For Businesses

Create contracts and agreements with colleagues, clients, communities and the environment that are in alignment with the values of all parties.

The Wheel of Consent

is a model of consent based on, but not requiring, touch.  The Wheel brings ease, sensuality, confidence, self-responsibility and freedom to the touch interaction.  Yet these are touch and non-touch dynamics, and the non-touch dynamics may be of greater import.

Using the Wheel of Consent as a framework, you will learn:

  • Clarity around Receiving and Giving

  • Creating clear agreements 

  • Awareness of sensation in the body

  • Connection, compassion and intimacy

…you will be invited to create the world we want to live in, where people are connected to self, others and the earth.

After this workshop, you'll have the tools to practice the Wheel in all aspects of your life.

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February 15-17, 2019

April 26-28, 2019

Austin, Texas

Space is limited to 9 participants in each workshop. $500/person.

Dr. Betty Martin has trained one class of students to facilitate this Official Wheel of Consent Workshop. River, your facilitator, was in her first training class and is the only trained facilitator in Texas. Once you register, you will be among the first to participate in an

Official Wheel of Consent Workshop.

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reflections from past participants

My primary reason for taking this workshop was my divorce and how meaningless my marriage had became. The lack of love, passion, sex, touch, etc. turned me into such an introvert which is unlike my old self.  I missed the person I used to be and wanted to see if something was really wrong with me.

Before this workshop began, I thought I was passionate and seductive.  However, I never really knew whether it was for me or my ex-wife. We didn't communicate so everything was left to what was going through our minds.  Not smart.

At first, I thought I was broken with all these other people in the workshop describing their experiences as seductive and sensual and whatever.  I was like "what the hell are you guys smoking because I need some." Then when I went home and reflected on what I heard, I tried again. This time I slowed down and listened to my body and was so excited that I sent River a message that night.

About mid-way into the workshop, I realized that it was good to want, and great to give pleasure exactly the way someone asked. I didn't have to feel inadequate.  It was exhilarating and although I was only rubbing a woman's hand and arm up to her elbow it was better than sex I've had.  So just imagine what I can do when I do have sex.  Delish! ;)

Towards the end of this workshop, I feel pretty awesome and I want to continue growing my relationships with some of the members.  It’s great that I've seen some at other meetups.

The small group was ideal because we were all heard and were more open with each other. I wouldn't have liked the course as much if there were more than a dozen people.

This workshop will start off mildly so you don't freak out, especially for those that have issues with being touched, and will progress.  You can also opt out if you just want to watch or don't feel into the exercise although I never opted out.  :)  By the end of the course I was sad that we would be parting ways and not sharing our Friday mornings together.

I had a huge “aha” moment the first time I was receiving the gift exactly the way I asked without giving anything back.  It was AMAZING!  

The real life practices made us stick to boundaries and created a very safe and open environment so nobody felt like we were expected to go beyond what was given as a guideline.

The workshop helped me personally because I felt pretty shy at first and now I feel more empowered especially when it comes to others that feel the same way.  I'm not in a relationship so I haven't been able to share with a partner yet.  However, the class has given me a better understanding of how to ask for things that I want, and more appropriate phrasing.

The toughest moment for me was when I was approached by a male to be his partner since I was in a playful mood and would have rather given/taken with a female partner. It wasn't until River changed my perspective of the situation that I was able to get out of my own head and see it for what it was. The ability to explore the actual flesh, tendons, scars, etc. was pretty amazing and wonderful in an exploratory way instead of a sexual or seductive experience.

Here is why I would recommend this workshop:  We live in this jaded "don't hurt my feelings" and instant gratification world which desensitizes most interactions. I'm new to this dating world and most interactions with women have been disappointing so far. I've learned that this group is looking for more of an understanding of themselves and what is and isn't alright, and what we are allowed to ask for and that boundaries are ok. We aren't here just to make every other person feel good about themselves. 

I would advise future participants to be open to the concept and hear what others are sharing. Be more than the majority of the population out there since life can be amazing once you aren't expectant and you are willing to share with an open heart.  Oh, and make sure to at least get one big hug from River.  ;)

As a teacher, River rocks, is sexy, crude in the best way possible, and seems to be very accepting of all walks of life.

~ by a recently divorced father in his 30’s who helps clients plan their financial future

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My primary reason for taking this workshop was to learn the wheel of consent, so that I can make sure I can practice it when working with clients.

This course is taught through experience.  Every class started with solo or partner touching exercises.  After the experience, River taught about where the exercise(s) we did fell on the wheel.

I would say the big benefits of this workshop are learning that an important part of consent is being clear on who the activity is for, practicing naming physical sensations in the body, and learning the difference between what I want and what I am willing to do.

I had watched videos on the wheel of consent before and didn't fully understand it.  Getting to experience practicing the wheel not only helped me to understand the wheel, but enabled me to recognize what being in each quadrant on the wheel feels like in my body. This has helped me be able to easily pinpoint which quadrant I am in in situations in real life.

Even though the course was primarily about touch, I've been able to apply what I have learned to every aspect of my life.  I've started to practice getting clear on my intentions and communicating them, even if it’s just as simple as my intention for wanting to be friends with someone or inviting a friend to coffee.  When I know the intention for the interaction, then i can know if I am actually a yes or not.

~ by an explorer in her 20’s who offers clients energy and body work

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I took this workshop because I was seeking a practical tool that could help me better understand myself and the dynamics in my relationships.  There had been so much confusion around giving and receiving and who is doing what for who that it was painful.  Also as a sex therapist I wanted more practical and experiential tools that I could use to help my clients more effectively and in a way that is more practical and productive than just talking about problems.  I have found The Wheel to be one of the most practical and helpful tools for both personal and professional use!
Before this workshop I was totally unaware of the quadrants of giving and receiving.  I now realize where my last relationship went so wrong and how much of that was due to us being totally unconscious about consent (or lack thereof).  This lead to a lot of pain and suffering that could have been avoided had we had this tool!
I also have had a big aha moment about my relationship dynamic with my ex husband.  For years, I have felt  manipulated, abused and perpetrated by him while never actually realizing that I was actually at fault too for acting from the shadow side of allowing by not having any limits or demanding that those boundaries and limits be honored.  As a result, I have allowed him to just take and take while being too afraid or lazy to stand up for myself and create a different dynamic.  After learning the wheel I have been able to recognize when I am allowing someone to overstep my boundary or dishonor my limit and I have been able to stand up for myself in a very empowered way.  This is so exciting to feel!
What I love about this course is that it is mostly experiential.  Learning the concept of the wheel is fascinating but the rubber only meets the road when you actually get to experience what it feels like for you to be in each of the quadrants.  This is one of the most direct and practical tools for self knowledge and personal growth and healing that I have ever encountered.  It is simple yet absolutely profound.  I am so excited to keep exploring the depths of wisdom and insight available to me through the application of this wisdom in my life.

In truth, everything in my life now looks different as I begin to see things through this wheel.  It is slowly changing the way I communicate, how I ask for or request things of others, and I haven’t even applied it yet to sex—oh the wonders!  LOL

Being in a group dynamic to learn this work is really a gift.  So many people are shy to be in groups or afraid to be seen.  The group space that River created was very safe and respectful.  We always were given the choice to share or not to share, to participate or not and in being given this choice we were learning how to tap into, honor, and listen to our own desire.  River modeled the concepts of the wheel effortlessly through her teaching style.
From this workshop I have learned to say no, ask for what I want more clearly, and to respect myself much more compassionately and passionately.  If you get a chance to take this workshop with River do it!  It is totally worth the investment of time and money.
River is a fun, engaging and playful teacher.  She creates a very safe and sacred space for her students to learn and grow while exploring sides of themselves that may otherwise be challenging to discover on their own.  River is also very respectful and encouraging of each person’s individual growth process which makes the class also feel very personal even though we are in a group setting.

~ by a mother in her 40’s who offers licensed sex therapy and other healing modalities

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My main reason for taking the workshop was curiosity and the knowledge that I need support setting boundaries.

Before this workshop, I used to approach touch and choice in a passive and habitual way.

About midway into the workshop, I experienced a paradigm shift, especially in the context of “taking” and touching for my own pleasure.

Toward the end of the workshop, I feel empowered to say “yes” and “no” with confidence.

Hearing other people’s journeys in our group provided a sense of community and understanding of myself.  Practicing with others provided an experiential opportunity to explore.  The workshop is taught with hands on, group discussion, some lecture and lots of reflection.  The real life practices helped to solidify abstract ideas into concrete awareness.

I had many experiences of “aha” moments.  Touching another person as a taker was huge for me.  The big benefits of this workshop are looking at everyday interactions from a whole new perspective.  The workshop was liberating, and a healthy container to explore.  I would advise future participants to be open hearted.

The toughest moment for me was asking for what I want.  I don’t think I did.  It is an area of growth for me.

I would recommend this workshop because it is invaluable information that applies to multiple areas of life.

As a teacher, River is intuitive, knowledgable and makes sure that participants are practicing and understanding the true heart of the content.

This course was a game changer for me.  It opened a door to personal and interpersonal dynamics that I have always been vague and powerless around.  Through the workshop I found language to speak my truth, ask for what I want.  And in turn, hold space for my partners truth, listening and honoring what they desire and where their boundaries lie.  Those who uphold the integrity and values of the Wheel of Consent will create a win-win world for all people!

~ by a mother in her 30’s who is redefining her marriage

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* Due to the sensitive nature of our work client identities are confidential.