Wheel of Consent Workshops


The last Wheel of Consent weekend workshop of 2019 will be October 25-27

Have you ever:

  • seen a sexy confident person strutting down the street and wondered what the heck they have that you don’t?

  • wondered how you could have that confident person strut on your next first date?

  • wanted to spice-up or deepen your long term intimate relationship?

  • felt confused, empty or upset after an unsatisfying sexual experience?

  • realized that after #metoo, you’re not sure exactly what’s expected?

  • noticed that you aren’t setting clear boundaries?

  • felt depressed or resentful because you aren’t getting what you want out of your relationships?

If you have, you’re not alone.

And now you have the opportunity, in one weekend, to change all of this.

Eventbrite - Wheel of Consent Workshop: the Holy Grail of Desire, Touch & Consent
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The Wheel of Consent workshop

now offered in Austin

Learn the basics of the Wheel of Consent as developed by Dr. Betty Martin

For Individuals & Couples

Get help with sexuality, touch, intimacy and relating. Find the ease, confidence and sensuality that is your birthright.

For Professionals

Sharpen your professional consent, boundaries and facilitation skills. Embody the Wheel and apply it in your sessions and workshops.

For Businesses

Create contracts and agreements with colleagues, clients, communities and the environment that align with the values of all parties.

The Wheel of Consent

is a model of consent based on, but not requiring, touch.  The Wheel brings ease, sensuality, confidence, self-responsibility and freedom to the touch interaction.  Yet these are touch and non-touch dynamics, and the non-touch dynamics may be of greater import.

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you will be gently guided

through a progression of experiences that will allow you to open your pleasure pathways in a whole new way. And from that embodied place, to communicate with others to reach simple, clear, surprisingly liberating agreements.

You will learn

  • Clarity around Receiving and Giving

  • Creating clear agreements 

  • Awareness of sensation in the body

  • Connection, compassion and intimacy

Help create a world where we are connected to self, others and the earth.

All while having fun with a small group of people just like you.

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you will be invited into an exciting new community

This is the best part!

After you take the workshop, you will be invited into a new community forming in Austin. Later this year, we will launch regular practice labs for everyone who has taken the workshop. Which means you will have a place to practice in-person with others who get it. And you will be part of one of Austin’s most vibrant new communities.

After you complete the workshop, you will also be invited into a private Facebook group where you will be able to meet and share experiences with other Wheel heads.

Bottom line - it’s going to be a juicy 2019. And you are invited.

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get the results you want

Walk away confident that you know your desires and how to express them with others. You will know how to ask for what you truly want. You will experience the freedom that comes with strong, clear boundaries. Ultimately you will have excellent relational skills and you will gain access to a vast new universe of choices for your body and in your relationships.

Discover the Holy Grail.

Eventbrite - Wheel of Consent Workshop: the Holy Grail of Desire, Touch & Consent
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Austin reviews

“My entire life has changed!”

“I feel empowered. Embodied. Inspired.”

“This course was a game changer for me.”

Click the little arrow on the right to see more reviews. Due to the sensitive nature of our work client identities remain confidential. … Scroll down to see workshop details!

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space is limited

Space is limited to 8 participants in each workshop. This ensures that you get the personal attention you need to transform your life forever.

At the time of this writing, we have about 10 spaces remaining for 2019.

Yes, I want to take this workshop, get all of these new skills and join the Wheel community! Click here to register.

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This is a clothes-on workshop, and participation in any of the somatic practices is completely optional. Although we do not focus specifically on sexual touch, your new skills will apply to all relationships, including and especially your intimate and sexual ones.

We meet Friday evening from 6-8pm, and then Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. We take a two hour lunch break each day.

Tuition is $500/person.

Individuals and couples are welcome. All genders and orientations.

Your facilitator River is the only facilitator trained by Dr. Betty Martin to lead this official Wheel of Consent Workshop in Texas or the Southern United States. More about River.

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Opportunities to take the workshop in 2019 include: October 25-27

Eventbrite - Wheel of Consent Workshop: the Holy Grail of Desire, Touch & Consent
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is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for you if you are an explorer. If you are curious and eager to uncover exciting new parts of yourself. If you are ready to radically expand your skills and capacities when it comes to relating to yourself and others.

This workshop is not for you if you are not willing to learn new things about yourself, or if you are not interested in deepening your capacity to notice and communicate your desire.

Eventbrite - Wheel of Consent Workshop: the Holy Grail of Desire, Touch & Consent
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