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River spent over 20 years as a trial attorney and lobbyist who owned her own law office by the courthouse.  She recently walked away at the height of her career to fulfill her mission to support healthy sexuality and relationship.

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River promotes the evolution of humanity through healthy love, sex and intimacy.  

River is a healthy love, sex & intimacy coach at  River is also a professionally certified surrogate partner, a certified tantra practitioner, a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a graduate of Yoga Illumined yoga teacher training, a graduate of Forte Femme feminine dominance training and Passionate Bonds trainings by Midori.  She is an Advisor at the School of Consent and a Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitator.  River organizes the Sacred Sexuality Austin meetup and the East Austin Kinksters, and hosts the Uncage Love Blog and the Surrogate Partner Salon.

For decades she owned and operated her own office as a trial attorney, social justice lobbyist and community organizer in Austin, Texas. She co-founded the hip hop and politics website Southern Shift.

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10 questions to ask river

  1. How did you go from being an attorney to being a relationship coach?

  2. What are the biggest problems you see when it comes to love, sex & intimacy?

  3. How can a love, sex & intimacy coach help someone overcome these problems?

  4. What is your advice for the person who is dating in today's swiping world?

  5. If someone suffers from chronic illness, how can resolution in their love life help them heal?

  6. What do you advise those who are divorcing or ending a long term relationship?

  7. What is "porn fatigue" and how does it affect a man's body and ability to function?

  8. Why do you say that SESTA/FOSTA is not about sex work, but about our entire humanity?

  9. What are you most excited about right now when it comes to love, sex & intimacy?

  10. How can people find out more about you or work with you?


press release

Austin, Texas, 2018

New company forms to solve america's

number one health problem:


          River Roaring, a practicing trial attorney in Austin for decades, has walked away from her legal career to launch a new business and fulfill her passion in life.  She has officially opened Uncage Love: Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching to help clients both in Austin and around the world via online video one-on-one coaching.  

          River believes that the number one problem facing humanity is our lack of loving connection and unhealthy sexual traditions.  She believes that resolving the root cause of emotional illness, our deepest relationship pain, will unravel all other problems facing humanity.  Liberation through healthy love, sex & intimacy practices allow her clients to fulfill their highest potential in every area of life.

"I decided to change careers because I don't want others to get stuck in the situation I was in. As an attorney, I was taught to fight, divide and separate. I looked successful on the outside, but after a while I didn't have a reason to get out of bed. Nothing sounded fun anymore ... until I opened up to my authentic sexual expression and learned how to love. After realizing the purpose of life is to love, connect and unite, I could no longer fight. I had to invest my life in love."

          Learn more about Uncage Love and how to reach your highest potential in love, sex & intimacy by visiting where you can pick up your free guide, check out the blog, the meetup, or apply for a complimentary call to see if you are a candidate for lifetime transformation.




Some of River's Favorite Topics:

Let's break old beliefs about sex and intimate relationship, in a professional, relatable way, opening up exciting new possibilities for love.

Explore Body Freedom

Whether you're lonely, anxious about dating, mourning a breakup, or in a relationship and longing for more, body freedom lets you be the lover you were born to be.  Value add:  We will learn the potential of body freedom, and lay the foundation for body freedom by experiencing "body safety" and understanding it's value.

The Power of Touch

Touch is essential to human life. The direct experience of pleasure through our hands, which must be developed through practice, is essential to being a great lover.  Value add:  We will learn how to wake up our hands, and the vast benefits available if we cultivate the direct pleasure pathways that are closed for most of us.

Consent in the #metoo Era

Finally.  A simple system for consent that opens the full flow of desire within clear, safe limits.  Get confident in your touch, pleasure and sexual expression.  Value add:  Consent is different depending on who the act is for.  We will learn to make a clear request, a clear offer, and to give and receive genuine consent. 

Surrogate Partner Therapy

A substitute partner who teaches through the experience of intimate relationship. Invented by Masters & Johnson in 1970, find out where the practice is today.  Value add:  Bust myths about this method, which is more necessary than ever whether you have sexual "dysfunction," are a late-life virgin or just plain lonely.


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