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Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching - Uncage Love

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Healthy love, Sex & Intimacy coaching

for those who appreciate a personal guide

  • "I want more intimacy in my life."

  • "I wish I had an intimate partner."

  • "My partner and I are having sex less often."

  • "I've succeeded in business, now what about my personal life?

  • "I feel distant from others and awkward when it comes to intimacy."

  • "My life looks great from the outside, but my sex life is nonexistent."

  • Men concerned with "premature ejaculation" or "erectile disfunction" and women who haven't had an orgasm as often as they would like.

  • "When I think of sex I feel fear, social anxiety and a lack of confidence."

  • "I don't want to leave my partner but we're both longing for something more fulfilling."

Does this sound like you? These are concerns that my clients have put behind them forever without any pills, potions or fancy contraptions.

are you the type who, once uncaged ...

  • might not know which direction to venture and could use a personal guide to shine a light on your options?

  • might sprint forward without thinking and end up 100 miles in the wrong direction before you notice?

Then you are in the perfect place.  I help people who are in desperate or seemingly hopeless situations when it comes to love and intimacy.  For years, as a surrogate partner I have worked with many clients who had never been able to have an intimate relationship in their life.  Together, we succeeded.  And now I'm ready to help you.

Lasting change. My intention is to give you the space and the tools to create lasting change in your life. So you can walk confidently into your brightest future forever.


Coaching  or  Therapy?


The Uncage Love process

Once we begin, here is the simple process that will set you free:

  • you will clarify your dreams and intentions, and envision your ideal future

  • I will hold your vision with you, creating a powerful container for transformation

  • we will assess the obstacles that are currently blocking your vision

  • using our combined tools, we will eliminate the obstacles one by one, and then

  • you will live the life of your dreams.

The beautiful thing about sex and intimacy is ... there's nothing to learn, only things to unlearn.  All we have to do is let you be you.

With strong professional credentials as well as extensive real life experience, I am trained in a potent mix of modalities.  I am a certified Tantra practitioner, Surrogate Partner, Conscious Uncoupling relationship coach, and Wheel of Consent practitioner and workshop facilitator.  I am a holder of the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage, the Satyananda yoga lineage and the Masters & Johnson's teaching lineage.  I am kink trained by Midori, have decades of experience as a family law attorney, and a wealth of personal experience.  See more detail on the about page.

Bringing forward all of my past training and methods, I have developed my own method that will guide you through whatever obstacles you face.  It will be my honor to assist you in arriving at your destination while you learn in the privacy of your own space and on your time table.

Couples and individuals are welcome.

All genders, sexual orientations and preferences are welcome.


A useful guide is hard to find

On my journey, many of the guides I found were too clinical and I didn't feel my wild side was welcome, or cheesy feeling and I didn't want to play games, or cult like and I wasn't looking for a new social circle, or woo woo and I didn't feel grounded or safe.

Once I found excellent teachers, they were usually hundreds or thousands of miles away and I spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel and tuition to learn from them.

That's why I am dedicated to offering you coaching that is: 

  • grounded in a strong and safe container,

  • beckons you deeper into your authentic expression of love,

  • honoring all of your parts including your wild side, and

  • provided in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Wherever you are in your sex-and-intimacy journey, I will meet you there and walk along your side as you move toward your highest intentions.  

Dont worry, I have a flash light.



I offer healthy love, sex & intimacy coaching online in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If you live in Austin, Texas, or would like to visit Austin to meet in person, I would be delighted. 


Each session lasts ninety minutes to two hours.   I will invite you to practice things at home between our sessions as well.


How much will it be worth to have the love life of your dreams?  

If you're interested in working with me, I'm going to ask you to make an investment.  An investment in an entirely new future for you!  

When you compare the cost of coaching with the cost of a lifetime of pills, potions, contraptions, therapists, surgeries, and especially the medical problems and chronic disease that come from loneliness and isolation, or the panic and anxiety every time it's "date night" ... the price tag turns out to be quite reasonable.  

Is it time to invest in yourself?


Many people who improve their love life enjoy positive results in every health domain.  If you have a health team, I am happy to work with your team as I am trained to collaborate.  By collaborating with your other providers, all of your health strategies can work in harmony.  

Whether I collaborate with any other professional is up to you.  You may have a therapist, life coach, functional medicine doctor or other health professional who can support you more effectively if they are aware of this important part of your health journey.  Of course, you remain the CEO of your health team.  


Your next step  

Apply for a complimentary call so we can discuss your unique situation.


Still have questions?  

Ask them using the email button.   I look forward to knowing you.